Two mums with creative minds and a passion for all things baby, have teamed up to bring you Tasmania’s biggest resource for parents. Meet the faces behind Tummy to Tots…


Hi, I’m Peta. I’m a mum to two wonderful boys, a lover of butterflies and all things purple.

I’m also an award winning photographer at Peta Nikel Photography based in the Hobart area and specialising in capturing the wonderful journey that comes with welcoming a newborn. I am known for my classic and natural style of photography, which allows the purity and innocence of my tiny subjects to shine through.

Through discussions with my newborn photography clients and friends who’ve recently welcomed new babies, I realised that good information can be really hard to find. Tummy to Tots was born from the desire to be able to help new parents find this information more readily.


Hi, I’m Amber. I’m a busy mum to four children, including toddler twins!

While studying and completing my diploma in photo imaging I ran True Lurve Photography. I still love to spend time doing photography but have taken a step back from my work since the birth of my twins.

When I am not spending time with my children I love to be creative, from sewing to baking and everything in between! I am always dreaming about my next adventure and taking those steps to make it happen!

Having four kids and two babies at once means I have spent a lot of time seeking out information & resources around me. I know just how handy it could have been to have all the information in one place. I feel Tummy to Tots will be such a valuable service to the state.

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