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multiple births tasmania

~ Written by Amber Robinson

So you’re pregnant. What’s more exciting than that? Well hold onto the ultrasound table because you have just been told there’s not one…there’s two!

I was 7 weeks pregnant and at my dating scan when I got the news. Of all the emotions that could have washed over me in that moment my first initial reaction was “I kind of had a feeling”. The reason behind this was in the previous week my good friend joked “Maybe it’s twins” because for the first time in three pregnancies this was the only one where I had experienced morning sickness. From that moment on, despite not really taking a comment like that seriously, I guess it subconsciously did stick with me.

Twins is never really something we imagined would ever happen to us. We didn’t take a lot of notice of twins, never considered it was even possible and then all of a sudden….it was our reality. From the second we were told suddenly we were like a radar for anything twin related. It’s like when you buy a new car and everywhere you go you notice similar cars.

The months roll on past and I don’t think for one day I didn’t say things to myself like “Two, there’s two. How do I look after two babies? What things do I need? How far can I carry them? How big will I get? How do two babies fit in a space designed for one?” It was like a never ending train of thought. At our 20 week scan we found we were having girl/boy fraternal twins. Our older children, a girl and boy also, were both so excited to “have a baby each” and we get to complete our family in a really special way.

I spent the next 4 months getting to know these little people swirling, poking, hiccupping, kicking, head butting, prodding & bouncing around inside me. It wasn’t until the last few months that I could actually tell which baby was making which movement.

The girl, Twin A, was head down and would be born first, but the boy, Twin B, was squashing his sister and laying transverse. As you can imagine it wasn’t all that comfortable and they were quickly running out of room.

We picked names, which I must admit was the best part. I bought way to many baby clothes. Do you know how much fun one can have when you get to shop in both sections? And by fun, I mean spend twice as much. We had a wonderful baby shower thrown for us and so many generous and thoughtful gifts. I attended twin classes run by the hospital and met some wonderful twin mums whom I am still friends with. I also joined my local multiple birth association which is a great source of support and contact.

In a twin pregnancy usually the goal is to get to 38 weeks. A week before that I went to my regular appointment thinking they would be born a week later but much to my surprise I was admitted that day due to high blood pressure. Two days later they were born and we welcomed Stella Ruby and Miles Emmett into the world, our tiny little babies, but both happy and 100% healthy.

At the time my pregnancy felt like it went so slowly, but in hindsight it was just such a short space of time for such an incredible journey. Parenting twins is like the old saying ‘time flies when your having fun’. They are 2.5 years old now and we have been having lots of busy, crazy, adventurous fun.

Hobart Twin Newborn Photographer

Hobart Twin Newborn Photographer

Hobart newborn twins photographer


Some useful links for parents of multiples… (receive a welcome pack when registering) – Tasmanian Multiple Birth Association

Photography by Peta Nikel Photography

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