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A couple of weeks ago I met up with Jo from Active Solutions and Health Network. I heard about Active Solutions a couple of years ago but I wanted to find out more about the services Jo offers.

What services does Active Solutions and Health Network offer?

Over time I realised that with every fitness class or option I offered I attracted women in a variety of ‘ages and stages’.  This happened very organically but in terms of the ‘stages’ I can now say I definitely attract ladies in the following areas:

  • Pregnant – ( Pregnancy Aqua Aerobics),
  • Exercise after baby is born (aqua bootcamp / one on one PT or Small Group PT)
  • Pre and post surgery preparation (one on one water and land PT)
  • Time poor mothers / professionals (Small Group PT, aqua bootcamp / boxing)
  • Those with long term injuries – but otherwise healthy (water based PT, deep water gymstick, Small Group PT)
  • Those training for an event – (small Group or 1 on 1 PT, water based PT)
  • Women who love water based exercise (aqua bootcamp, deep water gymstick, water based PT)

I try to create an environment where BALANCE is the focus.

Who is Active Solutions best suited to?

I think women who feel they are not catered for in mainstream gyms are best suited to Active Solutions.  Often they have an underlying weakness or injury and they just need that little bit of extra attention when they exercise.  We may tailor their program or just keeping a really close eye on their technique.  We mostly deal with smaller groups than a mainstream gym (Group PT is limited to 4) so we can give that individual attention.  Also, because women often move in and out of the different stages we build up a thorough understanding of their body over time, and consequently we can adapt/avoid exercises before an injury occurs.  A good example of this is the participant that attends Pregnancy Aqua and we may establish some pelvic floor weakness and then because we know that is there exercise selection considers this from day one – I take it very seriously that women move forwards in their health and fitness goals.

What are the benefits of your Pregnancy Aqua classes?

There are so many benefits to exercising in water AND throughout pregnancy and these classes tick all the boxes – I don’t really know where to begin to answer this question!  I think it is well known that low impact exercise is perfect for the pregnant participant, but also the water keeps the body cool, the heart rate lower than exercise on land and there are also medical benefits like improving circulation, boosting heart stroke volume and reducing swelling in the joints that is so common in pregnancy.  It helps that obstetricians refer ladies all the time.

What inspired you to begin Active Solutions and Health Network?

That’s a really interesting question because I did not set out to create a fitness business.  As an aqua instructor I worked very hard to be the best instructor I could be and it just lead to other opportunities.  When aqua bootcamp commenced it was really hard to attract a new following because the centre was really only catering for seniors.  It took a few years to really get those classes viable.  Then I started Pregnancy Aqua and Post natal classes were an obvious next step, and the PT started happening.  I started Small Group PT to cater for a small number of clients that wanted to train over the Christmas break in 2012.  The problem with PT is everyone wants you at 6am or between 4.30-6.30pm.  So I decided rather than start hiring and hand over my lovely clients with their diverse needs I would think a bit differently about how to offer a PT experience with small groups.  It’s been hugely successful and life long friendships are made amongst the girls.  It’s really quite special.

Going forward, what’s in store for Active Solutions and Health Network?

Well in for a penny in for a pound I think is the saying.  2017 is the year of INVESTMENT.  I’m investing heavily in my skills by undertaking a KAIZEN Mentorship (a Queensland based holistic health and fitness approach) and this will mean I will be focusing on stress and stress hormones as an area of speciality.  I am very much interested in adrenal fatigue and the whole area of BALANCE.  I see a lot of women who are really cut to the bone time wise.  They are juggling career, family and a whole bunch of competing demands.  As well as this I am building a purpose designed indoor / outdoor space on my property.  It will be a very private and beautiful setting for my clients.

Thanks Jo for your time and providing this information on what Active Solutions has to offer.

You can contact Jo via her website or Facebook Page


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