Christmas Traditions

Tasmanian Baby Directory Christmas traditions

Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year!

As parents of young families I think it’s wonderful to have different family traditions that hopefully when our children grow up and have their own family they may even carry on those traditions.

There are the old favourites such as leaving a beer out for Santa, a bowl of milk and carrots for the reindeer. As a child I always wondered how Santa would be sober enough to deliver presents after drinking all that beer!

Here are some of our favourite traditions at Tummy to Tots HQ. We’d love to hear what yours are!

A Christmas Eve present:

This is something both Amber and I do with slight variations. Things we include in our boxes are a Christmas book, a Christmas movie, pyjamas, bubble bath, a new Christmas tree decoration to add to their personal collection, popcorn and candy canes.

Tasmanian Baby Directory Christmas Traditions

The Kmart Wishing Tree:

Placing a gift under the Kmart Wishing tree is a great tradition to teach our children the gift of giving and to be able to bring a smile to the face of somebody less fortunate. Don’t forget our seniors with these gifts too!

Reindeer Food:

Made using oats and glitter, reindeer food is perfect for guiding Santa to your house. Here is a great post on Kidspot on how to make reindeer food

Advent Calendars:

There are so many different types of advent calendars. We even had lego advent calendars one year but we mostly stick to chocolate calendars. In Amber’s house they do an activity advent calendar where they do an activity every day like craft, baking, listening to Christmas songs or putting a gift under the Kmart wishing tree.

hobart baby directory Christmas traditions

Christmas Lights:

This is definitely a favourite amongst the kids. They get to stay up late and wait until it’s dark to go and look at all the pretty lights. Here are some Facebook pages to help you find Christmas lights in the Hobart area, Launceston area and Burnie area

Comment below with your family’s favourite Christmas tradition!

hobart baby directory christmas traditions


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